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The realms of the Border Kingdoms are many and varied, but ultimately are fairly similar in respect to what they want; power. Resources, coins, troops are all gathered with one intent, to make themselves stronger against their rivals and to one day rule the Border Kingdoms as the ultimate dominion.

This wiki will go into some detail regarding the primary realms of the lands of Thunder Rift, a minor frontier province of the Border Kingdoms, something regarding its traditions and customs, and the gods they hold dear. It will also detail something of its legends, notable landmarks, and organizations that have power throughout the realm, and nearby regions.


Campaign Information
Cosmology of the Multiverse
The World As We Know It
Time and Seasons
Home and Hearth
Manor Life
The Economy

The Nations of the Argoth
The Kingdom of Antonica
The Kingdom of Azadmere
The Border Kingdoms
The Kingdom of Brak
The Broken Lands
The Kingdom of Cygnus
The Kingdom of Evael
The Republic of Fairhaven
The Fallen Lands
The Freeport Republic
The Iberian City-States
The Free-City of Khorbul
The Kingdom of Phaedra
The Ravensgaarde Republic
The Shatter
The Shadow Dragon’s Remnant
The Principality of Shem
The Sithian Theocracy
The Barony of Tauria
The Lordship of Tulwyn
The Vulhakara of Vulcanir
The Free-State of Westwind

Notable Organizations
The Iron Ring
The Lia-Kavair
The Mangai
The Shek-Pvar

Notable Communities of the Region
Thunder Rift

Notable Features of the Region
The Beast Shards
The Black Swamp
The Bone Hills
The Burning Hills
Castle Greathall
The Darkfort Hills
The Drake River
Farolas Hills
Lake Garnet
The Gaunt Forest
The Gloomfens
Grave Wood
The Great Grasslands
The Horned Hills
Lake Osprey

Bestiary of Argoth

Flying Serpent
Pack Guar

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