Lasse’Nan (Elvish : Hall of Leaves) is a once-proud village now dilapidated and decrepit. Most of its homes are empty, abandoned when foul winter fey magic crept upon the community. There are still a few hunters and timberwrights who claim the village as home, determined to once again bring their home to greatness. Slowly, people are returning to the village, and bringing prosperity once more.

The town’s layout is centered around a market circle where the town’s craftsmen labor to help their community. The local miller, butcher, blacksmith and woodworker all have shops here, and each has chosen to remain, rather than abandon their franchise for other communities. The trade road to Darkfort loops through the market, before heading along the northern edge of the Darkfort Hills and the northern-most mines of that region. Indeed, much of the charcoal produced in town is ear-marked by the miners for their own use.

The local timberwright, however, has since closed-down their mill, having been unable to produce any large amounts of timber. Even the local thieves’ guild disappeared before the difficulties began, and it is rumored their trap-filled lair remains untouched since. The chapel, a small shrine dedicated to Nolom, is still operational, but under minimal conditions. The single priest in attendance is thus willing to bless and heal adventurers with his divine powers, but demands offerings of cash to maintain the shrine itself.

The few farms of the village were hardest hit, their crops and vines withering away and dying in the hard frost. Since many farmers had nothing when their seed was destroyed by the unseasonal winter, most abandoned their farms to work in Darkfort, or attempted to rebuild in the Darkfort Hills north of town. These abandoned farms are undergoing a growth spurt, and the handful who remained are harvesting the most bountiful harvests the region has ever seen.

The Soft Bed Inn and the Grinning Goblin Tavern are fully operational, and business is booming as people return to the village. The rooms at the Soft Bed Inn are a reasonable 5 sp per night, and are noted for their comfort.


A democratic little place, the local Burk-Knight is actually elected from among local citizens once every five years. The current knight, is the large and jovial Ser Elrik Runner, who is both popular and has held the post for several terms. Although good at heart, he can be ruthless when the town’s survival is at stake.


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