Lake Garnet


A large lake in the relative center of the region, Lake Garnet is a freshwater lake several miles long and at least one mile wide. Fed by two branches of the Drake River, its waters spill out against the southern shore to provide the border between the lowland regions of the Marshwood, and the Black Swamp.

Fishing is the primary occupation of those who ply the waters of the lake, and the town of Darkfort provides many fishermen their homes and a market for their catch. River barges also ply the waters, travelling the length of the Drake River to bring trade down from the isolated community of Thunder Rift, and south through the Horned Hills to the coast.

While the southern shores are practically unsettled, due largely to the proximity of the Marshwood and the Black Swamp, the northern shores are dotted with small fishing hamlets and farms that support the mines north in the hills, as well as the population of Darkfort itself. A single old trade road leads along the shore of the lake from Darkfort to a spur of the Black Swamps, and eventually to the nearby trade city of Brightwater, the City of Coins, where merchants and mercenaries flourish. The town’s proximity to the trade road over the Beast Shards has improved its value.

Lake Garnet

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