Banner of the Black Ship Company

Wondrous Item, Rare (Requires Attunement)

This cloth standard is 2’-wide by 4’-tall, meant to be carried and displayed on a long lance, polearm or other frame. Crafted on once crimson silk, It appears new and freshly made, hinting at its importance to the organization that created it, and the value they laid in it.


Iron Resolve : Once attuned, the Banner of the Black Ship Company grants its wielder and all allies within 30’ of the bearer 10 temporary HPs, upon entering its aura. These temporary hit points can only be gained once per day per creature.

A battle standard may be either carried (on foot or mounted) or “planted”. In the latter case, the standard does not need a bearer, but if it is toppled or touched by an enemy, it loses its effectiveness until reclaimed and replanted by the owner.

Banner of the Black Ship Company

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