Gareth Liadon (Silverfrond)

Half Elven Warlock (Soldier)


Armor Class : 13 (Leather Armor)
Hit Points : 9 (1st Warlock)
Speed : 30’
Initiative : +2

STR 10 (0), DEX 15 (2), CON 13 (1), INT 12 (1), WIS 9 (-1), CHR 17 (+3).

Saving Throws : Charisma 5, Wisdom +1.
Skills : .(DEX)Acrobatics
2, (WIS)Animal Handling-1, (INT)Arcana+1, (STR)Athletics+2,
(CHA)Deception+5, (INT)History+1, (WIS)Insight-1, (CHA)Intimidation+5, (INT)Investigation+1,
(WIS)Medicine-1, (INT)Nature+1, (WIS)Perception-1(2W/Raven), (CHA)Performance3, (CHA)Persuasion+5, (INT)Religion+3, (DEX)Sleight of Hand+2, (DEX)Stealth+4, (WIS)Survival-1
Senses : Passive Perception 9. 12 with Raven
Languages : Common, Elvish, Undercommon

.Proficiencies : Light Armor, Simple Weapons, Land Vehicles,
Otherworldly Patron Raven Queen. Sentinel Raven
Pact Magic: Cantrips Eldrich Blast, Minor illusion; Lvl 1 Armor of Agathys, Hex.
Military Rank

Spear: Melee Weapon Attack: +2 to hit, 1d6 piercing, (1d8 versatile) (Thrown20/60)
Eldrich Blast: +5 to hit, 1d10 force.

Leather Armor, Set of Common Clothes
2 daggers, Spear, Quarterstaff
Dice set, rank insignia, Fallen Banner (fashion Accessory)
Bone Pipes
Broken hand Crossbow (Arcane Focus)
Pouch 10GP
Dungeoneers pack: Backpack, crowbar, hammer, 10 pitons, 10 torches, Tinderbox, 10 days rations, Waterskin, 50’ hempen rope.

Personality : Haunted by memories of war.

Ideals : We have to take care of each other. No one else will.

Bonds : Those who fight beside me are worth dying for.

Flaws : I have little respect for anyone not a proven warrior.


I was a warrior once. Too many battles though, too much death. I’ve lost my nerve, and much of my skills. Being so close to death for so long brought me to the attention of My Dark Patron. The Raven Queen guides me now. I’ll never be the soldier I once was, but I have a new path now, new skills come to me, I begin to feel the pull of some of the old skills too.

I go where I am called to go. It can be somewhat lonely I admit, but until recently my own experiences made me unpleasant company at best. I hope that My Lady will see fit to align my purpose with others soon. I miss the camaraderie of a unit. Being part of something that was the better for all its parts.

I have begun to see myself wielding a weapon in my dreams of late. A saber like we used to use in the old days in my unit. Strange though. Black as night, it is, and fair crackling with power. I begin to wonder if this is to be my next goal, or to feature in my future. The Raven Queen is not always clear in her directives. I must ponder this further.

Gareth Liadon (Silverfrond)

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