“Here is a story that’s stranger than strange.
Before we begin you may want to arrange:
a blanket, a cushion, a comfortable seat,
and maybe some cocoa and something to eat."

“I’ll warn you, of course, before we commence,
my story is eerie and full of suspense,
brimming with danger and narrow escapes,
and creatures of many remarkable shapes.”

“Dragons and ogres and gorgons and more,
and creatures you’ve not even heard of before.
And faraway places? There’s plenty of those!
(And menacing villains to tingle your toes.).”

“So ready your mettle and steady your heart.
It’s time for my story’s mysterious start…”


These sessions are a short “in-between campaign”, built for the regular players of a non-D&D game, and as their introduction to 5th Edition D&D. The regular “Talisman” campaign is on hold for planning, and this site is being used for information purposes for this campaign, as “Talisman” is presently only in the planning stages.

Characters for this campaign are pre-generated, and the campaign will largely be using the “Phandelver” Starter Set as the Player’s introduction to 5th Edition, and to give the regular GM a break from his game for a few months. We will then return to our regularly scheduled Shadowrun programming. Maybe.

Thieves & Kings : Between the Shadows (Talisman)

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