A “Talisman” is defined as an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.

Tell that to the adventurers.

They have awoken on what was obviously a former battlefield, the bodies of many dead mercenaries strewn about them, tangled with the corpses of gnolls, orcs and other fell creatures. And in their midst is a well-known mercenary company banner, its crimson flag waving loosely in the air.

Branded on each of their left shoulders is a mark. A mark left by a talisman that should mean something, but the memory of what has transpired over the last few days is missing. Gone, like a vapour.

And the mark is like nothing anyone has ever seen before. What in Baator happened?

This campaign will be using the basic “Player’s Handbook” from 5th Edition D&D as the basis for all player character races, classes and spells, with special attention to unique spells, magic and classes appearing as the campaign progresses. The “Dungeon Master’s Guide” and “Monster Manual” of 5th Edition D&D will also play a central role in campaign rules, activities and other matters for the campaign.

“Non-Core” materials are not to be used by players in this campaign during character creation. Players will be expected to be more “mercenary” than normal, with an emphasis on “Neutral” alignment perspectives that will dominate most activities, and a particularly grim view of the world around them. Extreme “Evil” or “Good” alignments are not encouraged.


Talisman banner